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Make Your Business’s Social Event a Smashing Success

Arranging a corporate get-together can be a challenge. And to ensure your gathering is a hit, have Events by Aida’s help you with its planning and execution. Events by Aida is a full-service event-management and design company that will help make it painless. Conquer it with ease using these suggestions.

Understand the event’s purpose.

What are the goals and objectives you’re trying to produce? Once you’ve identified them, you can then determine what kind of event will resonate with your audience. 

Set a realistic budget.

The amount of money you have to work with governs what sort of event you can create. Determine early on how much you want to spend, and then plan on paying at least 10 per cent more for unexpected expenses. Once the financial plan is set, figure out where to allocate most of your resources. Example: If you put more money towards fancy decorations than on a skilled tech crew or personable speakers, your event might lack substance. And here’s a biggie: Don’t skimp on food or beverages. It may not seem as important as other aspects of your venture, but attendees are more forgiving of missteps when they’re not hungry or thirsty. 

Define your target audience.

Is it your company’s executives, managers, longtime clients, business partners, community members, or is it a combination of a few of these or other groups? Once you’ve done that, you can cater the program to their needs and interests. It’s always nerve-wracking trying to accurately determine how many guests to invite, but it’s better to invite too many than too few. 

Select an appropriate location.

Don’t go with one simply because you’ve heard good things about it or because it’s the latest hot spot. Build the affair on paper and then find a fitting venue.

Promote the event.

No one will show up if they don’t know about it. Send out invitations to a small event with a limited guest list. But be bold for larger events: Email announcements to people in your database; place ads in industry newsletters; add your event to industry listings and directories; encourage your employees to spread the word; promote it on social media; create an event website; and, at the very least, announce it on the landing page of your organization’s website.

Then, when your event is over, sit back, relax and indulge in knowing that you and Events by Aida made it a success!

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