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We’re here to make your event the best it can be and stress free. One way to assure that is by seeking and gaining your input throughout our planning and implementation processes. Each client receives checklists, contracts, timelines, guest lists, rsvps, layouts, budget breakouts and more. By actively communicating with you on a consistent basis, we can all be assured we’re meeting your wishes and expectations. In addition to being confident that we are on time, target, budget and fulfilling our promises, you’ll feel positive, informed, and included. While we can be wonderfully creative, we never lose sight that our job is to make your vision come true. 


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Bride and Her Tribe 

its important to have people on your corner on your special day.



when walking in a room and its breathtaking .


Traditional Wedding 

 the couple would bring their two families together—often from two different villages—to meet one another and approve of their engagement so that they could be married.